I immediately knew that my experience as an intern working at The Lightning Group was going to be anything but boring when I was told not to come directly to the office on my first day of work, but rather to go meet Howard and some of the interns at a meeting with an important client. This seemed so backwards to me and it felt as if Howard was placing the interests of a wet-behind-the-ears intern over the interests of his business and livelihood. What could I possibly add to the meeting, having no background information on the project and no experience, not only with The Lightning Group, but the marketing industry period? What I came to learn that day was that by immediately putting me in a real-world situation, Howard had put enough trust in me and the other interns to empower us to excel.

Working at The Lightning Group is truly a unique experience. It would always amaze me that I could start my day working on a government grant application for the Taste of the Danforth Festival and I could end it at a meeting with a potential client who needed Howard’s expertise in marketing a new concept for their business. The client base and day-to-day work were so diverse that I constantly felt like we were embarking on a new project. Being exposed to so many industries and projects pushed me to expand my knowledge base and understand time management in ways that an academic setting simply cannot recreate.

The exposure that one receives working at the Lightning Group is simply astounding. Whether it is someone coming to pitch Howard an idea or Howard pitching his services to a potential client, he always ensures that his interns get a front row seat. By observing these pitches and discussing them as a group afterwards, you begin to learn what works and what common mistakes people make. Howard even makes it a priority that the current interns are part of the interview process for potential interns. Having seen so many people in this interview process and having asked and answered questions myself, I know that I will be considerably more prepared and savvy for my own future job interviews.

From day one at The Lightning Group I felt welcomed and felt as if my work really made a difference. Howard has one of the most hectic schedules on the planet but with the help of his amazing and infinitely patient assistant, Lori, he manages to balance it all! Howard and Lori ensure that the interns are working hard but we are never asked to do anything that they would not do themselves. I always felt comfortable asking either of them for help with anything and letting them know when I was reaching my limits. Being part of this great working environment and The Lightning Group family is something I would recommend to anyone looking to expand their horizons in not just the marketing world, but the business world as a whole. Sometimes when people hear the word “intern” they imagine endless coffee runs and mindless grunt work. To say that working at The Lightning Group is the exact opposite of that notion would be an understatement.